Fearless Bruisers

Let's break it down

Flat track roller derby is a fast-paced, full-contact team sport played on roller skates. It's typically played by two teams, each 5 players. The game consists of a series of short matchups, called "jams," which can last up to two minutes. Here's a breakdown of how the game is played:


The basic objective of flat track roller derby is for a team's designated player, known as the "jammer," to score points by lapping members of the opposing team. The other players, known as "blockers," work both offensively and defensively: they help their own jammer pass the opposing blockers while trying to block the opposing jammer.


Each team has five players on the track during a jam:

  1. Jammer (1 player per team): The jammer wears a helmet cover with a star on it. Their goal is to score points by passing members of the opposing team.

  2. Pivot (1 of the blockers): Identifiable by a helmet cover with a stripe, allowing them to accept the star pass from the jammer and become the new Jammer.

  3. Blockers (4 players per team): Blockers form a pack and work together to help their jammer and block the opposing jammer.


  1. Jam Start: Jams begin with both teams forming a pack at the starting line.

  2. Whistle Blows: When the whistle blows, the jammers start skating and try to maneuver their way through the pack of blockers.

  3. Scoring: A jammer scores one point for every opposing blocker they pass legally after their initial pass through the pack. The first jammer to legally pass all blockers gains the status of "lead jammer," giving them the ability to call off the jam before the full two minutes if they believe it strategically benefits their team.

  4. Blocking: Blockers use body positioning, legal hits, and teamwork to both assist their jammer and hinder the progress of the opposing jammer.

  5. Penalties: Players can be sent to the penalty box for illegal hits, elbows, tripping, and other rule violations. They must serve a 30-second penalty, leaving their team short-handed.


Flat track roller derby involves a lot of strategy. Teams often employ tactics like forming walls to block jammers, executing whip assists to speed up their jammer, and playing offense and defense simultaneously. Communication among teammates is crucial to coordinate these strategies effectively.

Game Structure:

A roller derby game consists of two halves, each divided into multiple jams. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.